Bee Stings (Part One): What you need to know about honeybees

Part 1: Honeybees Have you ever been outside and seen a bee and wondered if you are at risk of being stung? Most peoples first reaction is to move quickly away from the bee or to even swat it away. However, have you ever thought if all bees sting? If they die after they sting … Continue reading Bee Stings (Part One): What you need to know about honeybees

Zeus, The Honeybee and The Sting

According to Stephen Fry in his book Mythos, the story in how the honeybee obtained her sting is rather unusual. It begins on the day of Zeus’s wedding to Hera, a wedding which all of creation were greatly anticipating. However, it was not just the wedding formalities that was causing the excitement. Zeus had announced … Continue reading Zeus, The Honeybee and The Sting

Where is the Buzz?

Part 1. Habitat Loss Wild pollinators of the Bombus species (a.k.a. bumblebees) are social insects with major importance to ecosystems and food production through the pollination of wild flowers and crops. It is estimated that 78% of wild flowering plants rely on insect pollination1, and the presence of wild pollinators greatly enhances crop yield compared to commercial … Continue reading Where is the Buzz?